2/2 Warlord Woven Snake Patch

Type: Gear

We teamed up with @2ndbattalion2ndmarineshistory boys on Instagram and co-created this amazing woven patch redesign, the snake being symbolic of the participation of our unit in the South Pacific campaigns of WWII.

Measuring 4.2" H x 3.5" W these patches are as big as our battalion stickers and PVC patches, and the woven craftsmanship is classy and holds incredible detail.

When these are gone, they're gone. Get them while we have them in stock!


Customer Reviews

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Aaron Rodriguez
Great Product/will and have bought again

This patch is made form great quality and design. This site is the only place I’ve seen with updated Warlord merch, Iraq and Afghanistan on the emblem.

Jacob Peeff
2/2 Patch

Awesome detail and quality on this patch. It will have you ready to skull-stomp and soul-snatch your enemies. KILL.

Thank you for adding to the Warlord heritage Gabe!