Operation Sin City- Where it all began

Operation Sin City- Where it all began

Operation Sin City- Where it all began

This is the first ever blog post I've written in my life. I’m currently 35,000 ft above the earth on my way to a family vacation in an undisclosed region of the world. I’ll be engaging in the balancing act of time with the family and running a business, because at the end of the day, I’m an entrepreneur. Good luck, right? This is the story of The Vegas Reunion - Operation Sin City, where it all began.

Where We've Been

Entrepreneurship is a grueling and often thankless path to success. Long hours, sleepless nights, copious amounts of caffeine, and a certain level of determination. All characteristics of what it takes to build a successful brand. I started 03 Designs & Apparel by cashing out my 401K from my first professional job. My family had relocated to San Diego and I was working full-time while building the brand at night and on the weekends.

To be honest, the brand happened by pure accident.  Our first creation was a reunion shirt my friend and co-founder Steve Hotz and I put together for my alma mater (2nd Bn. 2nd Mar. 2nd Mar. Div. (2/2)) in 2012. It was the first time guys in the unit had seen each other in 10 years so I wanted to create and print a shirt to commemorate the event. It had to be something we would all be proud of. A truly badass design. The shirt was an overwhelming hit, and shortly after I returned home from the Vegas reunion, 03 Designs & Apparel, LLC was born.

Where We Are

03 Designs & Apparel has just finished a rebranding and brought our archaic looking web presence into the 21st century. We’ve been so busy making other companies awesome, our own has been on the back burner for quite a while. We live on our referrals and stellar reputation as a custom design shop providing the best customer service money can buy. Our customers are our lifeline and without them there is no us. We owe it to our customers and client base to not only act the part but to look the part as well. So get ready!

It’s been four years since 03 arrived on the scene. The “I” has grown to a “we”. We’ve grown and we’ve changed. 03 Designs & Apparel started as a military lifestyle brand, but grew to some serious brand management. We now offer web development, private labeling, and consulting. Our mission is to keep our roots firmly grounded in the military, but to offer the creative brand identity and brand management our clients need - all the things we needed four years ago. Let us help set you apart. We're the one to call when your image matters.