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Let's face it; no one has ever volunteered for extortion. Unfortunately, in this world, there are only two things that are certain: Death, and taxes.

The government fleeces it's citizenry every chance it gets. You work hard for your money, pay up; you buy a house, pay up; contribute to the economy by starting a business, don't care; pay up. Hell, even when you die, not only do you pay the piper, but your family gets to pay tax on inheritance.

You can't stay in a hotel, smoke a cigarette, have a drink, or give a monetary gift without paying an extortion fee in this country. Didn't we break from European tyranny to avoid overreach? As a result of this thievery, we present to you, a simple reminder of a principle long lost, an ode to our forefathers if you will, the Taxation is Theft patch.