180 Proof

Type: Men
When you think of 180 proof, what image does that evoke for you? For us, it's symbolic of something HOT, hard to handle, and burns on the way down. Premium is our mantra, 417 is the region from which we hail, and handcrafted means we take our business seriously.

This shirt is our first project as Live Full Time (LIVEFT®) Apparel. We made a tank-top for the summer that is so damn silky and comfortable - your body will thank you! And the prints? Yeah, you won't even know you're wearing a printed t-shirt!

We partnered with Allmade apparel because we want our threads to be as sustainable as our methodologies. As a result, each tri-blend tank is manufactured using a special blend of organic US-Grown cotton, Tencel™ Modal, and recycled polyester from 3 recycled water bottles. After that, they ship the material to Honduras where it's cut and sewn by trained locals paid a LIVING Wage. Pretty amazing, right? Sweat Shop free apparel!

This tank top is, quite literally, the most comfortable shirt you will own. Look cool while staying comfortable. The finest blend of strength and ability...from us to you!