OIF III 2005 Sticker

Type: Gear

These OIF III 2005 stickers commemorate a hard-fought deployment for 2/2 and RCT 8. Like the rest of our stickers, made from heavy-duty 6 mil vinyl which makes them incredibly durable, almost bulletproof (O.K. that's a stretch) and you can only kill them with fire. Our stickers stay on vehicles for almost a decade before they peel. Limited run.

Customer Reviews

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Douglas Mcduffie
Happy Customer

Always a great product at a fair price! I’ve supported this company for years and I will continue to do so as long as they are in business.

Doug! That's so amazing to see in a review and I'm happy you're happy! Thanks brother!


Ryan Paulk
Preserving history and tradition

Top notch quality stickers, the clothing is all unique to 2/2 and feels special to have a piece from my alma mater. You can tell a lot of love is put into these products. They’re not mass produced generic military prints. The real deal, would expect nothing less from a fellow crayon eaters. Get you some

My man!

Thanks for the amazing review Ryan! I work had to provide the best quality swag for the homies who gave their best to the Corps! Love you brother!