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2/2 Woobie Hoodie


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2/2 Woobie Hoodie

The 2/2 Woobie hoodie hath arrived. We were able to acquire a few of these vestments from Chesty himself. The concept, created by a former 3/5 STA Marine was birthed at Perseverance Survival and was a no brainer for us to grab and go. These are sewn in the USA using the same materials our old poncho-liners are made of. We don’t know about you all, but we still sleep in our poncho-liners as it’s the best piece of gear the Marine Corps ever issued. Not to mention the old field jacket liners that us “old” dudes had back in the days of Smedley Butler.

We took the hoodies and using the best embroidery on planet earth, personalized them for the Marines of 2/2. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. We’ve coined the nickname “grunt snuggies” as a term of endearment for what is easily the best invention since the unicorn and Jalapeno cheese.

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